Welcome to Snarky is Fun, a place to find great gifts for yourself or others, and to escape away from the seriousness in life!

We love to laugh. We laugh at ourselves a lot. We like shows and movies that make us laugh. We love to laugh with friends and family, with the person behind us at the grocery store, or the clerk at the gas station. We don’t care who it is, we’d like to see them smile or even chuckle at some pathetic joke we attempt. We don’t like to see people sad, we much prefer to see people laughing and smiling.

We were in retail and in retail management for a long time. We started to search for little items that would make us laugh and put them in random places on our desks or in our offices. Employees would add a funny sticky note, pack of gum, or a random comical item and add it to the bulletin boards. Just little things that when we looked at them they would bring a smile to our faces. As time has moved on, we’ve continued our collections of random objects of Snark and it’s moved from desks and offices to random places around our homes; little things that when we catch a glimpse of them, they brighten our day.

Because here’s the deal; we’re given this life, this one incredible, amazing life so why not live it to its fullest? Stop and smell the roses, see the world, experience different cultures, love your family, friends & fur babies and don't forget to laugh! Laugh at yourself and with those you love. Live. Your. Life. 

Snarky is Fun: because life is too short to not have fun!